Can the beach be reached on a Fatbike?

Next Fatbike race only 4 months away…July 1! To start training I am heading out to Bur Oak for some twisty, wind covered snow shoe running and some riding early Thursday AM. Anyone else?

19. February 2012 by FatJon
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  1. Can you provide more information about the July 1 Fat Tire event? Riding Fat is a year round pleasure!

  2. The July event is called “Where’s the Beach” – put on by Olympia Cycling Club (see blog link on sidebar) and is laps of a 25 (?) km circuit around Stead MB, with options for 1,2, or 3 laps (or something like that). Fatbikes are required, but they sure work nice on account of all the sand.

    Also of interest to local fatties: the organizer of the Polar Bear Run across Lake Winnipeg (Gimli to Beaconia, about 18 miles, happens March 10th or 11th – to be confirmed soon) has graciously agreed to allow fat bikes to give it a go. The bike option will be out and back from Beaconia on the snowmobile trail and is self-supported. Entry fee is a $25 donation, with any profits donated to Habitat for Humanity. More details coming soon.

  3. Well that is somethng I have never done…60 KM across Lake Winnipeg…self supported…I am in if my wife can get the weekend off work

  4. For the record, and as you may have already figured out, I’m sure what Ian meant to type was “Fatbikes AREN’T required” for Where’s the Beach, though they work well. Just didn’t want anyone who was interested in the event thinking they had to find a Fatbike.

  5. I talked to Jeff Hatcher (Polar Bear Run) yesterday. He said the event is on March 11 and he wants Fatbikes to start at 10:30. The trail starts in Gimili, he mentioned cracks about 6 feet wide can open up on the lake in the afternoon? I am thinking it may not be wise to ride alone! Ha-ha :)

  6. Hey Jon, I don’t think I can make this cool (pun intended) event. Definitely ride with a partner or two. The cracks mentioned are not usually a big deal or that wide, but it is an unusual winter season here. Just be smart and pack extra clothes in a water proof bag. Have fun!

  7. I like the sound of the ‘where’s the beach’ event. I’m in Cochrane , Alberta and ride a fatback. I may come to that.

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